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Get free Twitter traffic $2300 in 3 days

This e-book is all about getting followers on Twitter in a huge amount and a massive traffic to your website. Can you believe if I tell you that I made near about $2300 in 3 Days, with the help of Twitter? What? No? That’s alright! But, I am going to explain it with screenshots in this e-book. Everyone knows that, traffic is the key of success to every website. Whether you are selling a product, service, or any affiliate program, without traffic, you can not succeed. Today, there are a lot of social bookmarking and social networking websites that can be used for the purpose of getting traffic. But, I like Twitter, the most. 

Why? There are a lot of reasons behind it. Few of them are as follows:

 1. Twitter is no. 1 micro blogging website. 

2. The traffic you receive from Twitter is easily convertible. You can convert the traffic into sales, very easily. People who are following you are already interested in your products, so you need only a little effort to make sales. 3. 

There is no hard work involved in making and running a Twitter account. All you need to do is getting more followers on Twitter. That is the same I am going to tell you in this e-book. I will tell you in the next few pages, how to get a huge amount of followers to your Twitter account and get some huge traffic and making money in an awesome way! Here, I will be sharing my own experience of using Twitter for getting traffic to my website and making $2300 in 3 days only. As, I will be telling you what I did, you will also come to know, how you can do the same.  

Here is a step by step detailed information. How I made $2300 in 3 days only.

 1. First of all, I thought of a thing that people will be interested in. The best thing that can be sold easily is an e-book. Ya, it may be on any topic, but in my opinion e-books can be sold very easily. I was searching for an interesting e-book and found an e-book on freebooks.net website (visit now) I downloaded an e-book on Weight Lose Information.

 I think, the ebooks like ‘how to lose weight’, ‘how to remove acnes’, ‘how to look smarter’ are the common ones and are having a large customer base. You can also choose an e-book like this one or on a different topic.
 With the point of view of a webmaster some e-books like ‘how to make quick websites’, ‘google adwords tips’, ‘how to be successful in online business’ can be interesting topics. Make sure that you are having master resale rights before you sell any e-book.

 2. I visited wordpress.com (visit now) and created a fresh blog. I was already having a blog on wordpress, but I made a new one with a new email ID.
 It took only 30 minutes as I described few great things about the e-book, I was going to sell. 
Make sure your blog looks attractive and the wording should be convincing one.

 3. Now, I was going to spend $5 ONLY. Yes! I made an account on ejunkie.com (visit now). I would like to tell you, if you don’t know, that e-junkie is the best website for selling downloadable products. They charge only $5 as one month fee and there is no limit on no. of products to upload. You must have a Paypal account (visit now) before you make an account on e-junkie.

 I uploaded the e-book on e-junkie, settings its price on $9.99 I put its download link on my blog.
 Now, every visitor could download that e-book from my blog by paying for it and money was going to my Paypal account.
 Now, I wanted web traffic and selected Twitter for this purpose.

 4. Create a new account on Twitter (visit now) as you might have an account already, but still I would recommend creating a new account. Choose a name for your account which is related to your niche. For example, if you are in the business of web designing, then you should choose the account names like webdesigntips, extremewebdesigns or webdesignworld. If you are not understanding this tip here then I would recommend to visit Twitter website and create an account and there you can decide which username you want to choose.

 5. Fill all the required information etc. You can also insert a hyperlink to your website in your profile. Make sure that you have entered the complete information, as people like to follow the accounts, which are the serious ones. Filling the incomplete and a little information, makes your Twitter account, uninteresting. Now, you need people who can read your tweets and visit your website and buy your product. 5 Get Twitter Followers in an easy way – Step by Step Guide 6. Always remember one thing that if you invite 100 people daily then only 10 people will be following you i.e. only 10%. This is the minimum figure, because I want to give you everything assured. So, If you want 20000 followers, in a month, then you need to invite 200000 people in a month. Don’t you find it CRAZY! But, believe me, thereafter you need never to invite anyone. If your Twitter account, reaches at this level, it will become autopilot and near about 100 more people will be following you everyday, without any efforts. This is all based on my personal experience. Now, the problem is that to invite 200000 people in a month you need to invite 7000 people daily. Can you manage it? Don’t worry! This is the same from where the trick begins. We know .

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